Intelligent Nurse Station System

Nurse stations play an important role in the delivery of patient care. The key functions of a nurse station include paticonsoles to improve the quality of nursing care. The nurse station dashboard functions as an e-bulletin board, enabling nursent monitoring, patient records management, medication and ward management, as well as nursing staff management. Advantech’s intelligent nurse station system digitalizes all nurse station operations with the inclusion of a dashboard and monitoring es to check all information updates at a glance and systematically manage patient requests, reducing paperwork and improving the accuracy of nursing handovers. The nurse station monitoring console enables head nurses to monitor task fulfillment and measure staff performance. Featuring interactive touch computers, this intelligent nurse station system is easy to use and custom according to the needs of each nursing unit.

Nurse Station Dashboard for Instant Information Display

  • On-duty nursing staff and their contact information
  • Real-time ward information
  • Patient examination and operation schedule
  • Instant notification of nurse calls and Patient requests

Nurse Station Monitoring Console for Task Management

  • Provides access to patient information, task assignments, and staff reports
  • The console’s LED strip is illuminated when a call is incoming for maximum visibility
  • Full duplex audio communication between nursing stations and patient bedsides